Home Our Coffee Catering Location

Known for our rawness and our edge... and still as home to the unique individual as ever.

Aged brick walls and worn hardwood floors.

May seem a high price to pay at a coffee shop as old as we.

But we're much more... For employees and customers alike.

A place call your own that feels like home.



Study here.

Write here.

Meet here.

Create here.

And (of course) Drink and eat here.

View the city from a local's perspective with the charm and newly-added friendliness that you would expect from your favorite dive in your own home town.

Come visit us again... or for the first time!

we'll make sure you love it here as much as we do!

Since 1991 we have been a popular breakfast destination in Fells Point and Johns Hopkins. What sets us apart is our fun friendly customer service and outstanding quality.